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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Rupert Murdoch gets the WST

Looks like Rupert Murdoch has succesfully gotten his hands on the USA's preeminent financial newspaper. It's been a battle. I think it's fascinating that once again and against the grain Rupert Murdoch is prepared to pay over the odds for a business that he sees value in.

Fanscinating but not at all surprising.

Lets be clear on what he is buying. He is buying an underexploited global brand and above all else a matchless reputation for the collection and distribution of high(est) quality financial information. Mr Murdoch has done the sums he knows exactly what he is buying, what it is worth and much, much more importantly its future value. This isnt about buying a trophy newspaper it's about buying a significant foothold in the incredibly valuable and growing financial information services sector. Doesn't take much imagination to work out what News Corp/Fox will do with such a prized and exploitable asset.

Well done.

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